Crypto Exchanges Fees

Exchange Name Maker Fee ▲ Taker Fee ▲ Description Liquidity Status URL
MexcMexc0.000% (Usually 0.200%)0.000% (Usually 0.000%) Zero commission on Spot Trading until further notice$2 BillionActiveOpen
BitMexBitMex0.000% (Usually 0.025%)0.000% (Usually 0.075%)Zero commission on Spot Trading until further notice- Unknown -ActiveOpen
BithumbBithumb0.04% (Usually 0.25%)0.04% (Usually 0.25%)- Unknown -ActiveOpen
FTXFTX0.070%0.020%$8 Billion (2022)Currently down due to Bankruptcy Chapter 11Open
Crypto.comCrypto.com0.0750%0.0750%$4 BillionActiveOpen
OKXOKX0.080%0.100%$19 BillionsActiveOpen
BinanceBinance0.10%0.10%Everyone trading more than 1,000,000 USD will get discounts$109 BillionActiveOpen
ByBitByBit0.10%0.10%$10 BillionActiveOpen
KuCoinKuCoin0.10% to 0.30% depends of the pair0.10% to 0.30% depends of the pair$3 BillionActiveOpen
Gate.ioGate.io0.10%0.10%$3 BillionActiveOpen
BitgetBitget0.10%0.10%$2 BillionActiveOpen
BingXBingX0.10%0.10%$472 MillionActiveOpen
BitfinexBitfinex0.100%0.200%$22 BillionActiveOpen
PoloniexPoloniex0.1450%0.1550%- Unknown -ActiveOpen
KrakenKraken0.16%0.26%- Unknown -ActiveOpen
HTX (formerly Huobi)HTX (formerly Huobi)0.200%0.200%$4 BillionActiveOpen
BitStampBitStamp0.30%0.40%- Unknown -ActiveOpen
GeminiGemini0.40%0.20%$9 BillionActiveOpen
CoinbaseCoinbase0.40%0.60%- Unknown -ActiveOpen

What are Maker and Taker fees?

Usually exchanges match buy and sell orders in an order book to determine trading fees. A Maker and Taker are charged different fees according to whether they’re adding to the order book or taking away from it.

The term “Maker” refers to a market maker, who provides liquidity to the market. For example, a Maker increases the market depth of an order book, often by placing limit orders that don’t get matched right away. These orders give other traders the opportunity to trade against them. Market makers pay lower fees than Takers, and in some cases may get rebates.

In contrast, “Takers” remove liquidity from the market. They place market orders to immediately take liquidity off the order book. When you place an order that’s immediately filled, you are a Taker, so you often pay a higher fee.
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